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September Organization Spotlight: Fck Student Debt

If you are new to Feminist Book Club, you may not know that every purchase that you make has an impact on a different social justice organization! Feminist Book Club is dedicated to putting their money where their mouth is by donating 5% of all sales to a different organization each month. In 2020 alone, Feminist Book Club donated $11,000 to social justice organizations and already in 2021, they have donated to organizations such as Disability Visability, Rights for Girls, and Students Against Voter Suppression.

Septembers box theme is Back to School so appropriately, Feminist Book Club is donating 5% of all sales in September to the organization Fck Student Debt.

What is Fck Student Debt?

If you are a someone who lives in the United States and has attended classes at a post-secondary University, it is likely that you have some student debt due to the increasing cost of higher education. Fck Student Debt is an organization that seeks to eliminate all student debt in the state of Minnesota. The average amount of student loan debt in Minnesota is $31,500 which factors into the almost $1.7 trillion student loan debt that Americans carry. In addition to eliminating student debt for individuals, Fck Student Debt also works to put pressure on legislators to cancel student loan debt and to act on changes to higher education and its costly impact on people.

Fck Student Debt is a special project created by Students United which is an organization based in Minnesota and led by Minnesota State students who wish to advocate for all current, future, and past students in Minnesota specifically for higher education. Students United advocates with the goal of more inclusive higher education policies and leadership to represent the diverse communities that call Minnesota home.

How to Support

Fck Student Debt is looking for donations to their fund to help students pay off their loans. The average student loan payment is $400 a month which is costly financial burden. Fck Student Debt donates 90% of your donation directly to paying off someone’s student loan debt, while 10% will go to the organization for operating costs.

If you are unable to donate, Fck Student Debt will be highly impacted by your communication with your representatives and the Biden Administration. You can contact your representatives directly through Fck Student Debt’s website or you can reach out yourself to let the government know that you would like to see student debt canceled and more funding for higher education now.

All Feminist Book Club Members who receive a box or book only subscription will receive a pin and postcard with more information on how to support Fck Student Debt and their mission. Make sure to wear your pin with pride and let everyone know that you are against student debt!

Subscribe by September 9th to secure your pin and postcard along with the incredible read, Wordslut by Amanda Montell.

Claudia Neu has a passion for language immersion and intersectional children's literature. When she is not working with children or reading, you can find Claudia cuddling with her cat or trying to keep her houseplants alive. Check out her instagram @claudianeureads for more book recommendations and reviews. Favorite genres: queer literature, contemporary fiction, and young adult.

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