About the Box

Q: What if I don’t like the book selected for the month, but I still want a box?
A: You can always swap out your book for another title in our library instead of receiving the book of this month. We will announce the book of the month with at least a week’s notice to swap.

Q: Can I get this month’s box without a subscription?
Yes and no. The subscription guarantees that you will receive the book of the month if ordered by the 9th of each month. A subscription also locks in the $55/month price. If there are any boxes left after the cutoff on the 9th, we may add that month’s box in the store for a higher one-time price.

Q: How do I find out what’s in the box each month?
A: We reveal our books of the month and our full boxes early to our email list. Sign up here! Or you can keep an eye on our Instagram for later reveals.

Q: There are several different membership options in the store. What’s the difference between them?
A: We offer three membership options:

  1. The Feminist Book Club Subscription Box gives you the option to become a regular subscriber and get a box each month.
  2. The Book Only membership is just that! You’ll get the book, but none of the extra products.
  3. Our Virtual Membership offers you access to our online community so you can chat about the book with us, but you won’t receive the goodies or the book from us—it’s all in your hands.

Q: When will I be charged?
A: All subscription plans renew on the 10th of the month, regardless of when you placed your first order.

Q: When will you ship my order?
A: Subscription orders ship the first week of each month, regardless of when you placed your order.

Q: I have an allergy. Can you accommodate it?
A: Yes! In most instances, we can swap any of the products in our box to something you can enjoy. Simply email us and we’ll add a note on your profile for our fulfillment crew.

Q: Why are the prices so high?
A: In addition to giving back to charity, we believe in sourcing as ethically as possible and compensating our partners what they deserve in the name of a more feminist economy. Everything from our printer to our podcast editor are woman-owned businesses. Our dedication to small businesses puts our product at a more premium price-point.

Q: My friend would love this box. Can I purchase it for a friend?
A: Yes, we would love that! You can purchase a gift subscription for 3, 6, or 12 months in our store. Feel free to add a gift message in the Order Notes.

Membership Questions

Q: What’s your cancellation policy?
A: You can cancel any time! Simply log into your account before your next renewal date and cancel your membership. You will have access to the discussion group through the end of that month.

Q: When do you charge me?
All subscriptions renew on the 10th of the month for the following month’s box. For example, if you sign up on January 15, you will receive the February box and your credit card will be charged again on February 10 for the March box.

Virtual Community

Q: What does the virtual community look like?
A: We broke up with Facebook in March 2022 and moved our community to our own platform, which includes an easy-to-use app to stay connected on the go! Our community has separate spaces for each book, so you can discuss as you read or catch up on some of our previous books of the month. We host weekly giveaways, exclusive content, author Q&As, workshops, events, and live video and text-based chats all month long.

Shipping Questions

Q: For U.S. orders, how does shipping work?
A: Shipping is free in the United States and we send out all orders the first week of the month.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes. However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our international shipments have been lost or delivered several months late. We temporarily paused international shipping, but reopened it in February 2021. International shoppers should be aware that packages may not arrive in a timely manner. Feminist Book Club is not responsible for any additional fees, taxes, or duties. We cannot replace lost international shipments.

Q: Can my box be shipped early?
A: Sadly, no.

Q: I’m local to Minneapolis. Can I pick my box up?
A: Absolutely! Email hello(at)feministbookclub.com to schedule a pickup time.

Company Questions

Q: Can feminism be reconciled with capitalism?
A: Unfortunately, capitalism is compulsory. But we can participate in and critique it at the same time. Feminist Book Club seeks to disrupt traditional for-profit companies by focusing on what’s best for the community and our members as a whole, rather than the bottom line. Our members are consulted in nearly every decision, from which books we read to what kinds of products go into the boxes. While our founder does earn a small income from this business, the vast majority of revenue is either reinvested into the company or donated to charity.

Q: How are you addressing climate change?
A: As a company, Feminist Book Club is committed to minimizing our carbon footprint as much as possible. Some ways we do this is through partnering with local brands that allow for product pickup when we can, using minimal packaging and distributing few physical advertisements, and bulk ordering as much as possible to limit our use of packaging and shipping materials. We never want you to feel like you’re signing up for just “stuff.” Instead, we hope you find immense value in discovering these feminist brands through products that have been carefully curated with a healthy planet in mind.

Q: Can you put my book in your box?
A: Unfortunately, no. We are truly a community-driven subscription box, meaning our members suggest the titles they want to read and then we vote on them. Our team has no say over which books are featured each month, so we cannot accept author pitches.

Q: How do you select a charity? Can I submit mine?
A: We are happy to consider your charity or your favorite charity. We typically select them based on current events and/or a theme of the book of the month. The organization we choose must be committed to intersectional social justice, preferably working primarily with marginalized populations.

Q: How do I become a blog contributor?
A: We accept contributor applications on a rolling basis. View all the application details here.

Scholarship Questions

Q: How do I donate to the scholarship fund?
A: You can upgrade your box for $2 a month to the collage box, and those $2 will go into the scholarship fund. Or you can donate directly at this link. Note: You will need to purchase an upgrade each month. At the moment, it cannot be added to a subscription.

Q: Can my company sponsor a scholarship?
A: YES! Please get in touch via email: hello [at] feministbookclub.com and we’ll happily discuss more details.

Q: How do I apply for a scholarship?
A: We have a form you can submit here. We carefully review all applications on a rolling basis. Currently, we are at capacity but will follow up with applicants as more funding comes in. Please do not submit more than one application.

Do you have any other questions? Is there something we missed? Please email us hello [at] feministbookclub.com and we’ll be happy to help you out!