Feminist Book Club puts feminist theory into feminist action.

Our Feminism

Our feminism is radically inclusive and intersectional. We prioritize voices from marginalized populations whenever and wherever we can. We believe Black lives matter, trans women are women, water is life, science is real, abolition is necessary, no human is illegal, and healthcare is a human right. We seek to dismantle the kyriarchy on an individual and structural level, one book, one conversation, and one movement at a time.

Our Community

Our online community is the coolest, safest place online to learn, grow, and connect. Plus there’s an app to take your new feminist friends on the go (and it’s NOT Facebook – ew)! Our community is where we do the real educating, activating, and organizing. We discuss our books in forums and/or on Zoom, host exclusive discussions with our featured authors, plus workshops with expert scholars, activists, and artists! Each week, you’ll find exclusive content, interviews with fellow members, and new giveaways… and maybe your new bookish bff.

Our Books

Choose between fiction and non-fiction titles each month and we’ll send it to you in the mail or via audiobook (thanks to our friends at Libro.fm!). In true non-hierarchical feminist fashion, members have the opportunity to suggest titles for our upcoming themes. We then vote on these suggestions to determine which book will be our next pick. Have you already read the book of the month? You can always swap for another book in our ever-changing and expertly-curated library. We read across genre, so you’ll always find something you love… or expand your horizons!

Award-winning media

In 2023, Feminist Book Club won the Vision Award in the Next Challenge for Media & Journalism, awarded to a media startup with a bold vision to change the media in the next decade. So don’t take it from us… the Glen Nelson Center and American Public Media think we’re great! We’ve assembled the ultimate team of writers, creators, creatives, and podcasters to bring you the best of the best feminist content. Whether you’re a podcast listener, a blog reader, or a TikTok consumer, Feminist Book Club will help you diversify your bookshelf one episode, post, or video at a time! 

Giving Back

We donate a portion of all sales to a different social justice organization each month, with an emphasis on smaller non-profits where our money can make a big impact. Previous beneficiaries include the Trans Women of Color Collective, Reviving Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment, Soul Fire Farm, Safe BAE, Rights4Girls, and more.

Special thanks to Lunar Startups

Feminist Book Club is proud to be an alumnus of Lunar Startups, a St. Paul-based accelerator dedicated to providing equitable opportunities for entrepreneurs. We join an elite community of founders who are improving the world through entrepreneurship.

Need a bookseller for your event?

Feminist Book Club is available to book for your next festival, book tour stop, or literary or professional event! We’ve got the pop-up bookshop down to a science and will happily take it on the road. You’ve seen us at the NWSA Annual Convention, LA Times Festival of Books, Twin Cities Pride Festival, Art-a-Whirl, and more!


Sally Mercedes (she/her) Executive Director

Sarah Hernandez

Rah Hernandez (they/them) Captain of Commerce

Natalia Santana-Pollard (she/her/ella) Blog Editor-in-Chief

Renee M. Powers (she/her) Podcast Producer


Alana Amore

Caroline Watson

Jacquelyn Gray

Jordy Macbeth

Mariquita Guerrera

Mhairie Robb

Niba (at)NotesByNiba

Nina Garcia

Nox Quiroz

Sam Paul

Steph Auteri

Taiwana Shambley

Tara Swiger

Thien-Kim Lam

Yasi Agah

discussion moderators

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Caryn D.

Casey B.

Keegan B.

Kenesma J.

Mariah B.

Myers E.

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