Organization Spotlight: Disability Visibility Project

Photo of an Asian American woman in a power chair. She is wearing a blue shirt with a geometric pattern with orange, black, white, and yellow lines and cubes. She is wearing a mask over her nose attached to a gray tube and bright red lip color. She is smiling at the camera. Photo credit: Eddie Hernandez Photography Photo is in front of a light gray background with a purple oblong shape along the right side and a black outline around the shape.

Each month, Feminist Book Club supports a different non-profit organization with 5% of all revenue generated that month. Within the past three months, Feminist Book Club has donated to the organizations The Body is Not An Apology, Eve for Life, and Women’s Earth Alliance. Our May theme for the monthly Feminist Book Club box is Disability Rights and for this month, a portion of sales will be donated to the Disability Visibility Project.

What is the Disability Visibility Project?

Founded by Alice Wong, the Disability Visibility project was created in partnership with StoryCorps to aid in creating and promoting disabled media and culture. Created in 2014, Wong saw the need to amplify disabled media and culture and a way to connect editors with disabled creators.

Founder Alice Wong (she/her) is a disabled activist, media maker, and consultant based in San Francisco and in 2016 was named as one of the 16 people fighting for equality in America by Times Magazine. Wong is extremely active with a number of projects including publishing and editing #ADAInColor which is a collection of work from disabled people of color. Additionally, Wong is the editor of the anthology written by disabled people Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century which was published in 2020. You can find her on twitter @SFdirewolf.

What do they do?

Disability Visibility was created with the understanding that narratives and work from disabled creators matter and that there should be more opportunities for disabled writers and journalists to publish and tell the stories that belong to them. Partnering with the StoryCorps, Disability Visibility has collected and created disabled media while providing a space for people to share and connect.

How to support Disability Visibility


Read & Educate

Listen to the podcast

Our May theme is Disability Rights and our members picked the book, Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century. Editor and founder of Disability Visibility, Alice Wong, will be answering questions with us! Keep an eye out for details about this member exclusive opportunity coming soon!

Read about ableism and how you can be a more intersectional feminist in this Educate & Activate Series post about what ableism is and how to educate yourself further.

Claudia Neu has a passion for language immersion and intersectional children's literature. When she is not working with children or reading, you can find Claudia cuddling with her cat or trying to keep her houseplants alive. Check out her instagram @claudianeureads for more book recommendations and reviews. Favorite genres: queer literature, contemporary fiction, and young adult.


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