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[FBC11] Julia Young, author of Please Don’t Grab My Pussy: A Rhyming Presidential Guide

Julia Young, author of Please Don't Grab My Pussy

“Comedy is important because everything sucks right now and a lot of times the only way to make change or get people involved or interested is through comedy.” – Julia Young


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Today’s guest is Julia Young, a comedy writer, performer, author, actress, improviser, and social media star. She’s currently a producer on Showtime’s late night show Desus & Mero, a cast member and writer on MTV’s Wild ‘n Out, and her new book Please Don’t Grab My Pussy: A Rhyming Presidential Guide was published in October 2018 by Animal Media Group. This book is a timely and humorous rhyming picture book that is decidedly for adults with a good sense of humor. Through campy pop culture rhymes and beautiful oil paintings, the narrator of our book guides you through a list of things you can grab while offering more poetry ways to refer to a woman’s genitalia than the word “pussy” that Trump so vulgarly used.

Connect with Julia on her TwitterInstagram, or her website juliabyoung.com. You can pick up a copy of her book at your local retailer or on Amazon.

Julia’s book recommendation: The Power by Naomi Alderman

Enter to win a copy of Please Don’t Grab My Pussy HERE.

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