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[FBC21] Nastashia Minto, spoken word artist and author of Naked

“From the way we sing to how we do our hair, let’s pass the torch and allow ourselves to catch on fire.” – Nastashia Minto

Nastashia Minto is an African American woman who was born in South Georgia and raised there by her grandparents. She grew up in poverty and around drugs, alcohol, and family violence. Her life experiences led her to obtain an associate’s degree in occupational therapy and a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She has been writing since she was nine years old and has found that her writing offers her another way to help people. Currently residing in Portland, Oregon, she has been a featured at many popular local reading series, including Unchaste Readers, Grief Rites, and Incite. Her writing has been published in SUSAN and in the Unchaste Anthology, volume III.

In her new poetic memoir Naked: The Rhythm and Groove of it. The Depth and Length to It, Minto strips herself of who she used to be and gives readers permission to see her naked. Exploring topics of family, faith, race, sexuality, abuse, love, and identity. Minto’s words dig up rootbound emotions in need of better soil. This collection welcomes difficult conversations and allows space for unboxing uncertainties. By making herself transparent on the page, Minto inspires readers to become naked too.

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Nastashia’s book recommendations: I Am Yours by Reema Zaman and The Darkest Child by Delores Phillips


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