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Book Review: You Got Anything Stronger? by Gabrielle Union


Gabrielle Union is not just the star of iconic cheerleading movie Bring It On. Beyond that she is a producer, director, writer and activist. In her second novel of short stories, You Got Anything Stronger? (which we featured in our Gabrielle Union x Feminist Book Club collab) she recounts memories of her teenagehood, difficult journey to becoming a mother and the public backlash she receives as a Black woman. Gabrielle opens up about her surrogacy and the challenges that come with being someone in the public eye going through such an intimate process. You Got Anything Stronger? breaks down the hardest parts of being a woman, mother, wife and friend through her heartbreaking and inspiring story. As the sequel to Union’s first novel, We’re Going to Need More Wine, her second book shows how you can pick up the pieces when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom and build something new and worthwhile. Check out You Got Anything Stronger? for the motivation we’ve all been craving to go after what you want in life while keeping your head held high.


My default image of Gabrielle Union used to be an actress who played an iconic cheerleading captain who can land a back handspring like it’s nobody’s business. It’s not a bad first impression to come to mind. However, her book completely changed my perspective of Gabrielle. It showed me the human side of her – how she dreamed of becoming a mother after experiencing years of fertility issues, overcoming her husband’s previous infidelity and the challenges of being a Black woman in this day and age. It brought her image back down to earth for me. Although I haven’t experienced the struggles of infertility at this point in my life, I can empathize with the idea of feeling like a failure for something you’re “supposed” to naturally be able to do. Gabrielle’s relatable memoir shows how to overcome the struggles of being a woman, especially under a public eye, and how to do it all with grace. I’d absolutely recommend this to anyone who’s feeling like they’re in a rut – it’ll give you the kick in the butt you may be needing. It’ll help you face adversity in the eye and say…bring it on. I couldn’t help myself.

Yasi Agah is a born and raised Californian living out her dreams in New York City. She loves to read, write, listen to podcasts, and teach yoga. Becoming by Michelle Obama makes her cry every time she reads it.

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