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Organization Spotlight: Women’s Earth Alliance

Each month, Feminist Book Club supports a different non-profit organization with 5% of all revenue generated that month. In the past, Feminist Book Club has donated to organizations such as Trans Women of Color Collective, Native Women’s Wilderness, and more. This April our monthly box has taken on the theme of environmental justice and with this theme, a portion of sales will be donated to the Women’s Earth Alliance.

Founded in 2006, the Women’s Earth Alliance began as a meeting between 30 women who had a desire to change the world. Meeting in Mexico City, women from 26 countries gathered to take an initiative on issues such as health, water access, the environment, sanitation, and more. The 30 women who met from countries such as Haiti, South Africa, and Israel and they were all both young and elder women who had a drive to take matters such as violence on Earth and women into their own hands.

The Women’s Earth Alliance sets out to answer three questions: Why women? Why earth? Why alliance?

Women have been disproportionately impacted by the environmental and climate crisis and risk their lives daily for basic necessities such as water and food. The Women’s Earth Alliance knows that when women are given the supports they need that they will be able to find sustainable solutions because that is what women do, we use the resources we have and innovate. Likewise, the Women’s Earth Alliance understands that communities that have access to clean and safe water will be more prosperous in human rights, education, the economy, and health.

What the Women’s Earth Alliance does

The Women’s Earth Alliance builds strong leaders through training women led efforts and giving them the resources they need to be successful now and for years to come. The WEA model is to partner with grassroots women leaders to give them the training they need to lead towards environmental and climate solutions. Additionally, the WEA model includes building alliances that strengthen the movement towards justice. The Women’s Earth Alliance does this all through providing the tools, resources, and expertise needed to begin the different climate and environment based initiatives.

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