Where to Travel Safely

Do you miss traveling during the pandemic? Here are a few spots that may need help with tourism and are safe to travel.

People are getting vaccinated in the US. Cities are opening up. COVID rates are dropping. It seems like there is a light at the end of the tunnel for the last year. But keep in mind that this only refers to the United States. There are many countries in the world that are still dealing with the pandemic and it is heartbreaking to see how much devastation they are dealing with. However, I know many people are anxiously waiting to travel as soon as it is safe to do so. Here are some top places to travel that will boost a country or city’s own tourism but also can get rid of your own travel bug. As always, follow CDC guidelines and local laws with respect to social distancing, mask wearing, etc.


Grand Canyon: The best way to stay safe during the pandemic and still travel is to visit national parks! What better way to see more of the United States while staying outdoors? 

Yosemite: Speaking of National Parks, Yosemite is a must do. If you haven’t traveled to California before, this is your chance. You can see one of the most beautiful national parks in the world while exploring the rest that California has to offer.

Austin: This is a city with a ton to do and delicious food. It’s a great place for an energetic weekend getaway and always accepting tourists!

New York City: The Big Apple is opening up with no restrictions on July 1st (given that their COVID rates continue to drop) and planning on a safe opening this summer. If you want a full city experience, this is the place to go.


Greece: A country that is not only beautiful, has incredible food, and needs tourism! Greece is open to the United States (with either a negative COVID test or vaccination records). If you want a country that needs its economy to be stimulated and doubles as a much needed vacation, this is it.

Croatia: Ever wanted to visit the home of Game of Thrones? Now is your chance. Check out Croatia. Similar to Greece, Croatia relies a lot on tourism and is open to travelers. As of now, travelers have to show that their accommodation is paid in full prior to visiting the country in order to enter.

Costa Rica: Close to the US & accepting travelers, Costa Rica is a great beach getaway that is fairly close to home. You can enjoy either the Pacific or Atlantic side and get the tropical experience that you’re craving.

British Virgin Islands: One of the most beautiful islands in the world along with one of the most reliant on tourism and travel, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a perfect spot for a true vacation. If you want to get away from the stress of everyday life, BVI will help you relax and reset.

Travel is an anticipated part of what a post-coronavirus world could look like. Although you should only travel when it’s safe to do so, these are places that are ready to accept tourists. Comment below if you have more suggestions or anywhere else you have gone!


Yasi Agah is a born and raised Californian living out her dreams in New York City. She loves to read, write, listen to podcasts, and teach yoga. Becoming by Michelle Obama makes her cry every time she reads it.


  1. Greece, Croatia, and Costa Rica are all on my post-pandemic travel list!!! Great suggestions!

    1. Yasi Agah

      Thank you! Can’t wait to hear about your travels 🙂

  2. Stephanie Knutson

    While Costa Rica is a wonderful place to visit, it also still has a lot of COVID cases. Hospitals are overstretched and schools recently shut down again. A lot of vulnerable people still don’t have access to vaccines, so while their economy is badly in need of a boost, I would urge travelers to be very cautious, both for their own sakes and those of the Ticos (Costa Ricans). I have a lot of family there who I worry about.

    1. Yasi Agah

      I hope your family is doing okay – thank you for sharing this point! It’s always better to be careful.

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