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Update from FBC HQ

One thing I’ve learned from running a business is that nothing ever stays the same for too long. I’m lucky that changes excite me rather than scare me (it’s routine that freaks me out). Since the beginning of this year, here are a few of the bigger changes Feminist Book Club has undergone:

  1. Brought Lucy on as full-time Director of Operations
  2. Revamped and relaunched our podcast with several correspondents
  3. Redesigned and relaunched our website
  4. Moved into our own official office and fulfillment space
  5. Tried our hand at TikTok

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last big change, which means it’s time for another! I’m thrilled to share that our Director of Operations Lucy Pabst is taking a leave of absence this summer to go live their dream as an intern with the National Parks Service. Before COVID, I had the honor of providing a reference for Lucy for this position. When the pandemic shut everything down, that opportunity went with it. However, we were both surprised to hear that the position would reopen this summer and it was theirs if they wanted it. When Lucy informed me of this opportunity, they weren’t sure what decision they would make. And I wasn’t about to tell anyone what to do with their one short life.

Thankfully, Feminist Book Club is small and nimble enough that we can roll with the punches. Was I terrified of losing the person who had become my right hand? Of course! But I remembered my guiding question of this year: How can I use Feminist Book Club to disrupt capitalism and create a more inclusive, feminist economy rooted in social justice? In this case, the answer is to provide a soft place to land for our employees. You want to go live your dream for a few months? Your position will still be here when you return. Capitalism feeds on distrust, scarcity, and fear. A more feminist economy leans into relationships, trust, and abundance. Trust is multidirectional, so Lucy trusted me enough to give me plenty of advance notice and I trusted them enough to make the right decision for their life.

So here we are, with only a few days left until Lucy becomes Park Ranger Pabst! And while I hope you share your well-wishes in the comments, you’re also probably wondering, Okay does this mean FBC is hiring? Unfortunately, no. As much as I’d love to expand our core team in Minneapolis, we simply do not have the revenue for that (yet!). That said, I do need some assistance in the day-to-day operations of the business while Lucy is gallivanting with bison (or whatever it is Park Rangers do). I’m excited to announce that my sister-in-law Kathleen Gansen is joining the team as Operations Assistant!

Kathleen recently moved back to Minneapolis with her family from New York, so the timing couldn’t have been better. In addition to handling operations and customer service for FBC, she’s a board-certified health and wellbeing coach at the YMCA and is passionate about integrative health. Fun fact: Kathleen has a tattoo of a radish because it was the first thing she grew as an AmeriCorps volunteer in a community agriculture program in rural Kentucky.

And before you ask, Renee, how is nepotism disrupting capitalism?, that’s a question I’m wrestling with. But when you can meet the needs of a loved one by fulfilling your own needs, sometimes the path of least resistance is the right choice.

So please join me in saying congrats and ciao for now to Lucy Pabst and hello and welcome to Kathleen Gansen!

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Renee Powers founded Feminist Book Club in 2018 to provide a space for intersectional feminists to learn, grow, and connect. When not reading or running the biz, you can find her drinking coffee and trying unsuccessfully to teach her retired racing greyhound how to fetch. Favorite genres: feminist thrillers, contemporary literary fiction, short stories, and anything that might be described as "irreverent"


  1. I love this! Good luck, Lucy!! I hope you’ll share your adventures, if you can. I’d love to live vicariously, and I’m probably not the only one. 🙂
    And welcome to Kathleen from a fellow AmeriCorps alum!

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