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Exploring Dimensions of Desire: Author Interviews with Yael Goldstein-Love and Hannah Sloane

The Possibilities by Yael Goldstein-Love and The Freedom Clause by Hannah Sloane book covers on a purple background

Welcome to another episode of Feminist Book Club: The Podcast. Today we have two thrilling author interviews with Yael Goldstein-Love and Hannah Sloane.

The Possibilities with Yael Goldstein-Love


Join Mariquita in an enlightening conversation with Yael Goldstein-Love, the talented author of “The Possibilities”. Delve into the depths of tragedy, maternal anxiety, and sacrifice, as the multiverse unfolds in this thought-provoking novel.

Get a copy of The Possibilities by Yael Goldstein-Love here

The Freedoms of Desire with Hannah Sloane


Ashley engages in a captivating interview with debut author Hannah Sloane, as they discuss her novel “The Freedom Clause”. Explore the societal portrayal of open marriage and its reflection in the novel, along with poignant commentary on female desire, both sexual and beyond. Uncover the intriguing rationale behind Hannah’s choice of “freedom” in the title.

Get a copy of The Freedom Clause by Hannah Sloane here

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This episode was edited by Niba and produced by Renee Powers on the ancestral land of the Dakota people.

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