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The Magic of Feeling Seen + Deconstructing Happily Ever After: What We Lose When We Embrace Princess Tropes

There’s a special magic in feeling seen in a book – feeling like it was written just for you, to help validate your identity and experience. Maybe you even hesitate to recommend it because you can’t imagine anyone else could love it as much as you. Sally shares a couple of recent reads that gave her that magical feeling.

Speaking of magical feelings, in the second segment Mariquita talks with Barbara Bourland about her new novel, The Force of Such Beauty, which tells the true cost of the modern fairy tale: authoritarianism, subjugation, and erasure of self.

Book Mentioned by Sally:

Brown Girls by Daphne Palasi Andreades

The Girls in Queens by Christine Kandic Torres

Books Mentioned by Mariquita and Barbara:

I’ll Eat When I’m Dead by Barbara Bourland

Fake Like Me by Barbara Bourland

The Force of Such Beauty by Barbara Bourland

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This episode was edited by Angel Akurienne and Rah Hernandez and produced by Renee Powers on the ancestral land of the Dakota people.

Original music by @iam.onyxrose

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