The Joy of Outlet Shopping

On my 10th birthday, I got a light blue Coach wristlet at their outlet store. I have also traveled with my aunt who runs circles around us at Restoration Hardware, Saks Fifth Off, and Ralph Lauren. At some point, I drink a frozen lemonade from Auntie Anne’s when it’s time to rest my feet from shopping at Gap Factory. Outlet shopping is an art, a masterpiece of style, joy, and value.

I went to an outlet in Sevierville, Tennessee, near Dolly Parton Country. I perused the Bath & Body Works, ate at a restaurant, and bought a pair of Nikes.

I have bought a pair of Air Maxes at a Nike Factory Store on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn that are still in my closet. If you are a Sneakerhead, which is a shoe collector and archivist, that is a spot to go. Most sneakerheads go to Stock X, sneaker shops, and online shops that make Fight Club look like Babysitter’s Club. There are many hidden gems in the outlet stores when you have a keen eye. 

There is joy when you buy that one good item. You may spend hours at an outlet just to end up with that one item. Making a game plan for outlet shopping is part of exploring what you like or may get into. You may pop into a Journeys just for the fun of it until the music becomes unbearable. You may leave with nothing.

Don’t think about the ramifications of capitalism. I know we at Feminist Book Club tell you to disrupt. This one time, I’m telling you to indulge. Buy that item you can see forever with while outlet shopping.  

Paris Hilton once said that she never wears an outfit twice. She should go to an outlet. Why didn’t she go to an outlet with Nicole Richie on “The Simple Life?”

Most of the designs are out of season, according to the fashion industry, which is an outdated ideal in itself. It is then when you buy something while outlet shopping that you receive the value of it. You make it your own.

Rebuke trends, learn the joy of outlet shopping, and enjoy style. 

Ashley Paul is a traveler, runner, and baker. She is an Everlasting Bookworm and Culture Maven. She is passionate about supporting high school juniors and seniors to write compelling stories for their post-secondary careers. She loves stories with social commentary, atmospheric writing, and compelling characters.

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