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Welcome to Feminist Book Club: The Podcast, where we explore media through a feminist lens. In this episode, we’re diving into two diverse segments that share an overview of Safe and Sound by Mercury Stardust and an analysis of the film Oppenheimer.

A Renters-Friendly Guide to home repair: An Enthusiastic Overview

Mhairie introduces you to a Safe and Sound: A Renter-Friendly Guide to Home Repair by Mercury Stardust. Mhairie pre-ordered this book and could not be more thrilled with the final product. Listen in as she tells you why this book exceeded her expectations and outline a few of the thoughtful little touches you can find throughout.

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Oppenheimer Through a Feminist Lens

Ashley and Mariquita sit down to discuss the film, Oppenheimer. In this dynamic discussion, they explore the profound themes of mental anguish, the complex portrayal of women, the impact of patriotism, and engage in critical conversations about the lasting repercussions on Latinx, Native American residents in Los Alamos, and the Japanese community due to the devastating events surrounding the atomic bomb. This segment promises an eye-opening feminist perspective on a recently released film.

Natalia’s article: Latino vs. Latinx

Axios article about Los Alamos

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This episode was edited and produced by Renee Powers on the ancestral land of the Dakota people.

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