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In today’s world, life can get busy. From Vancouver, CA to Miami, FL, or
anywhere in between, people have commitments to family, work, cooking,
cleaning, and social events. These everyday tasks can make it can seem
nearly impossible to find time for yourself. Luckily, making and sticking to
small lifestyle changes and developing new habits, all at home, can help relax
your mind.

It’s true that we cannot erase all the stress in our lives, but we can learn how
to manage it better. And, no matter how busy you are, you do have the ability
to make strides towards finding relaxation in the comfort of your home. Redfin
asked us to share our best tip to relax at home amid the chaos. Check out
what we had to say!

How to Relax Your Mind at Home: 9 Ways to Find Inner Peace

Renee Powers founded Feminist Book Club in 2018 to provide a space for intersectional feminists to learn, grow, and connect. When not reading or running the biz, you can find her drinking coffee and trying unsuccessfully to teach her retired racing greyhound how to fetch. Favorite genres: feminist thrillers, contemporary literary fiction, short stories, and anything that might be described as "irreverent"

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