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Reading LGBTQ+ Lit All Year Round

Pride Month may be over for 2024, but we’ll never stop reading and recommending queer lit! Especially when the books are as good as the two in this episode. First up, tune into Rah fanboi-ing all over TJ Alexander as they interview the author about their new book Triple Sec. Then join Mariquita and Sam in a discussion of Housemates by Emma Copley Eisenberg, with themes of love, grief, queerness, embodiment, and so much more.

More Poly Rom-Coms Please: Discussing Triple Sec with TJ Alexander (0:21)

Are you tired of typical romance novels that don’t showcase diverse relationship styles? Have you considered reading Triple Sec? In this segment, Rah sits down with TJ Alexander to discuss the inspiration and creation behind the newly released polyamorous rom-com, Triple Sec. Tune in to hear about TJ’s process in creating diverse characters, the future of poly rom-coms, and why this book should be on your summer beach read TBR.

Echoes of Queerness in Housemates by Emma Copley Eisenberg (24:49 )
Mariquita and Sam chat about Emma Copley Eisenberg’s recently released Housemates, a book about queer love and art and their intersection. Mariquita and Sam discuss the book’s continuum of queer artists, its embodied embrace of fatness, and more.

Books/Resources Mentioned:

Chef’s Kiss by TJ Alexander

Chef’s Choice by TJ Alexander

Second Chances in New Port Stephen by TJ Alexander

Triple Sec by TJ Alexander

I’ll Have What He’s Having by Adib Khorram

The Prospects by KT Hoffman

Here We Go Again by Alison Cochrun

Housemates by Emma Copley Eisenberg

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This episode was edited and produced by Renee Powers on the ancestral land of the Dakota people.

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