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Readathon or Snackathon? What’s the Difference?

In case you missed it, the second Feminist Book Club Readathons starts today! After a successful Readathon last fall, we are back and better than ever to provide a weekend full of fun, friendship, and giveaways! I mean, who doesn’t like free books, so you should sign up here to be eligible for a chance to win one of over 50 prizes throughout the Readathon. Likewise, if you are local to the Twin Cities area, Feminist Book Club will be hosting our grand opening and third birthday celebration at FBC headquarters the morning of July 24!

Now, in preparation for the Readathon, it is extremely important that you catch up on past Readathon blog posts like founder, Renee’s wisdom on how to prepare or Rashmila’s suggestions on how to be as successful as possible. I, on the other hand have previously given some insight on book suggestions and places you should read in a slightly comical manner (but I will let you be the judge of that).

Snack Attack!

Today, I am here to give you the best of snack recommendations for a delicious Readathon experience. I tend to be someone who loves both sweet, salty, and savory food equally, so my suggestions will reflect just that. If you are in dire need of snacks and books to read during our Readathon, might I suggest the new Snack Attack Bundle in the Feminist Book Club shop? You can choose the level of snacking you want to do with either a full or mini bundle where both come with a book of your choice. Might I recommend the full bundle, however, because it includes the incredible member favorite Pisqueya Smokey Hot Sauce that I put on everything!

A peek inside our Snack Attack Bundle!

Now, eating during the Readathon is very important, not only for your own enjoyment, but also to nourish your body and brain while it does its thing. I will suggest that whatever you choose to eat, make sure you are drinking plenty of water to go along with it because a hydrated body will be able to read more in the long run. Although I may not be suggesting them, it is also important to include some fruit and vegetables in your snacking as well.

Photo courtesy of @livlyszykprints on instagram and the artist behind the tea towel in the Snack Attack Bundle


If you are looking to create something sweet and special for the Readathon, I would recommend a bit sized treat that you can eat with your hands so that you do not have to disrupt any reading time. A quick search on Pinterest for “sweet snacks” brings a great deal of decadent options, but I am drooling over these Brownie Balls.

Additionally, a go to of mine is always ice cream and I would love to be the person in Tyler Feder’s illustration below. If you are looking for ice cream recommendations, Ben & Jerry’s is always a go to, specifically the Phish Food flavor because it has chocolate, marshmallow, caramel, and fudge. What’s not to like?

Photo courtesy of @tylerfeder on Instagram


As you know, Feminist Book Club is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and a midwest specialty snack is a Ranch Snack Mix that is both delicious and versatile because there are a variety of textures to enjoy while munching. I know that another salty favorite for many are Cheez-Its because who doesn’t love cheese flavored goodies, especially when you can get a variety pack with many different flavors.


Savory snacks hold a special place in my heart because I am a lover of Everything Bagel seasoning. If you are someone who owns an air fryer (which I am very jealous of), this recipe for Air Fryer Everything Bagel Chips looks tasty. If you are looking for something that is already made, a personal savory favorite of mine are Dots Pretzels which are a family owned business based out of North Dakota.

What type of snacks are you prepping for the Readathon? Let me know in the comments below!

Claudia Neu has a passion for language immersion and intersectional children's literature. When she is not working with children or reading, you can find Claudia cuddling with her cat or trying to keep her houseplants alive. Check out her instagram @claudianeureads for more book recommendations and reviews. Favorite genres: queer literature, contemporary fiction, and young adult.

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