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Read. Resist. Vote. 2022 — Week Two

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And we’re back! It’s week two in this year’s Read. Resist. Vote. series (you can find week one right here) and we have two more candidates to inspire and galvanize you into mobilizing for social change, whatever that looks like for you.

As before, we hope you enjoy this glimpse into two ongoing campaigns, feel compelled to contribute to their causes, and stay tuned for more.

samantha sencer-mura and kari dorry minnesota 2022 candidates

Kari Dorry — Minnesota — Senate

Kari is a mom and special education teacher running for the Minnesota Senate to represent District 12 in west-central rural Minnesota. Kari is eager to bring a woman’s perspective to the Minnesota Senate which is currently represented by 20 rural men and only 2 rural women.

Kari Dorry
What’s driving you to run right now?

I care deeply about rural Minnesota. I know that we deserve better leadership and representation. And I’m driven to break new ground for rural women running for office. The simple fact is that more women need to run and win, to ensure that women and family issues move to the forefront. And frankly, having a woman’s perspective on every issue helps balance the debate and yield better policy. There is too much on the line right now to not show up, engage, and do the hard work required to create a Minnesota that works for everyone.

How are you working to get folks to the polls?

We are knocking on a whole lot of doors! We also have a vigorous mail plan and strategic digital advertising. Billboards are going up throughout the district, and we’re reaching voters with call and text programs. We’re having conversations with anyone who will listen!

What are you reading?

Controlling Women: What We Must Do Now to Save Reproductive Freedom by Kathryn Kolbert and Julie F. Kay

The campaign grind has stalled my leisurely reading a bit. However, this is a book I have read and continue to pull off the shelf as a resource to support my discussions with voters regarding a woman’s right to choose. 

Why does this book speak to you?

As a nation, we are moving backward. Women today have fewer rights than they did six months ago. This is unacceptable and it will take all of us to do the necessary work to find a clear path forward to guarantee women are able to make their own decisions about their bodies. This book provides that path.

Visit Kari’s website to learn more, and donate to her campaign here.

Samantha Sencer-Mura — South Minneapolis — State Representative

Samantha Sencer-Mura is an educator and community leader who is running for State Representative for District 63A (South Minneapolis). She is the former Executive Director of 826 MSP, a youth writing center in the Twin Cities (that happens to be a neighbor to Feminist Book Club’s office!). If elected, she will be the first Japanese American to serve in the Minnesota legislature. 

Samantha Sencer-Mura
What’s driving you to run right now?

So many things… the historical legacy of my family in this country (I am half Japanese and my family was unjustly interned during WW2), Trump’s 2016 election, the 2020 uprising and the subsequent reimagining of public safety systems… all of these events call me to lead and build a better future for my community. I also gave birth to my son in August 2021 and have worked in education for 11 years. I feel deeply worried for the young people in our community and want to fight to get them the resources they need. 

How are you working to get folks to the polls?

Relationship building through hosting events, knocking on people’s doors, joining community gatherings… I also think we get people to the polls when we create policy platforms that are visionary, hopeful, and lean into abundance. 

What are you reading?

The Sentence by Louise Erdrich

Why does this book speak to you?

I’ve read a few books by this prolific and local author and I love the characters she creates. This book came out in 2021 and is set in Minneapolis in 2020. It wasn’t until now (nearing the end of 2022) that I felt ready to get into a book that relived that year in our city.

Visit Samantha’s website to learn more, and donate to her campaign here.

Sally is a queer Dominican New Yorker currently living in Tulsa, OK. She loves Broadway, road trips, long walks, and cold brew, and she’s on a mission to reclaim all things as sacred, especially her self. You can usually find her listening to an audiobook while cooking, baking, or working on a jigsaw puzzle.

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