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Updating the Required Reading List with Piecing Me Together + The Ever Evolving Media with Iman Hariri-Kia

The episodes begins with Mariquita reviewing one of her new favorite young adult books titled Piecing Me Together by Renee Watson. Piecing me together is a beautiful coming of age novel about a young Black girl in North Portland.

Then in the second segment, Ashley speaks with Iman Hariri-Kia about her debut novel, A Hundred Other Girls. The conversation includes writing about children of immigrants, the representation of non-binary characters, the pace of media in New York City, and the burnout and build of bloggers. Iman also speaks about about her work as a sex and relationship editor and her newsletter called Cherry Picked.

Media & Books Mentioned:

Piecing Me Together by Renee Watson

Oregon Was Founded As a Racist Utopia Article

A Hundred Other Girls by Iman Hariri-Kia

National Network of Abortion Funds 

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This episode was edited by Rah Hernandez and produced by Renee Powers on the ancestral land of the Dakota people.

Original music by @iam.onyxrose

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