Organization Spotlight: Eve For Life

Every month, Feminist Book Club donates a portion of proceeds to a non-profit organization. As part of our collaboration with DecentredLit, the spotlight organization for March is Eve For Life, based in Jamaica. The organization was founded in 2008 “in response to a dire need for support to women and children living with or affected by HIV and AIDS.” Eve For Life also responds to the sexual and gender violence that contributes to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Their mission is “to improve the sexual and reproductive health and rights, and quality of life of young women and girls exposed to HIV and sexual and gender-based violence.” More than anything, as their Executive Director Joy Crawford puts it, they are more than an organization— they are a movement that supports and empowers girls, who are frequently underrepresented in  society.

I had the special opportunity to speak with Joy Crawford, Shana-Lee Smith, and Patricia Watson of Eve For Life about the work they do and ways people can carry their mission forward. Coincidentally, we talked on the 13th anniversary of the organization. 

Interview Highlights

-Despite the initial challenges of lack of support for their work because it was female-focused, and lack of funding, Eve For Life has grown over the years and has impacted the lives of many women and children. They now have 20 staff members serving across 4 parishes in Jamaica. 

-Their mentorship program is made up of Mentor Moms, women who were once clients that now provide 24/7 support to their mentees. 

-HIV meds are free and available in Jamaica, so that is not the issue. The issues are the social ills, gender bias, and violence that women and girls living with HIV/AIDS face. 

Eve For Life 100% depends on donations

These words do no justice. Have a listen to learn more from Eve For Life’s leadership, including the challenges they’ve faced, their successes, and the impact they are creating for women and girls. 


There are many ways to support Eve For Life. Here are their links to click through and help mobilize their message:





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