Interview with Larissa Loden

Jewelry designer Larissa Loden is building her business as a mother and creative. During the time of year when you consider how you want to I asked Larissa about founding her business, giving back to her community, and all on the horizon with upcoming projects and a new retail space. 

How did you get started with your jewelry brand?

I started my business with one simple idea: that you can look good, feel good, and do good all at the same time – without breaking your budget.

What began as a side hustle during my time as a middle school art teacher has morphed into a small woman/mother/artist-owned jewelry business crewed by a team of wonderful artisans and creators. We proudly create unique handmade jewelry that’s sold online and in over 600 retail stores nationwide, and donate 5% of our annual sales to nonprofits that we care about. 

Every Larissa Loden piece is Midwest-made with care and swears. I design with individuality and accessibility in mind and incorporate custom-cut natural gemstones, custom metal pieces, and limited-edition special collaborations with other artists I admire. Our designs range from minimalist to maximalist, but are always artist-designed and handmade at an affordable price point.  

How are you inspired as a designer and business owner?

I find inspiration everywhere, but my favorite work comes from being able to simply play in the studio with no end goal or agenda. It’s my form of meditation, where my brain can find harmony and intrigue in new shapes, patterns, and possibilities. 

I also just love the entrepreneur life, which is a constant level of crazy. I love that if you truly put yourself out there and work SUPER hard you can create something magical that means so much to you but also to so many others. 

What does the quote “lift as you climb” mean to you?

I’m constantly focused on lifting others up as my business grows, and that’s what this means to me. No matter how big my business gets, I’m always going to be intensely entrenched in my community and striving to bring all my humans up to cloud 9 with me.

What does it mean to own your space and continue to build the brand?

As we grow in size and expand our collective creative power with more projects and people, it’s only natural that the business also continues to grow. Our staff is incredibly diverse and we take that seriously, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and represented by the brand. We’re all about learning and growing.

What are you looking forward to about the holidays and in 2022? 

Well, in 2022 we’re going to move into our *brand new* retail space, located at 2032 Marshall Ave in Saint Paul. My brain is almost 100% there right now. The building needs a bit of a facelift, so we’re working with BV Studios and Mission Construction to help achieve our ideal space dreams. We’re adding full windows, offices for our team, dedicated fulfillment and production space, a conference room – so many dreams come true! 

And of course, I love to spend the holidays with my family. My daughter loves Christmas and all the lights and decorations, so it’s extra fun to see her light up with all of this.

Thank you Larissa Loden for your words. You can visit her website for jewelry that is made with “swears and cares in Minneapolis” at

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