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4 Non-Bookish Products Essential for the Book Reader

non-bookish products

Though these may not be the first things you think about when you settle down to read, these four products will change everything about your reading experience!   

1. The Jansport Recycled Waistpack 

Available now in three colors, I present to you the Jansport Recycled Waistpack, the only fanny pack to fit hardcover new releases at an affordable price!

After searching for nearly two years for a fanny pack that would fit both a full-sized book and my everyday essentials (keys, wallet, etc.), I stumbled across the Jansport Waistpack while aimlessly flipping through the brand’s website. After glancing at the measurements, I figured I’d give it a whirl. After it arrived four days later, I found that the fanny pack fit I’m Glad My Mom Died, my very large collection of keys, my wallet, my glasses and glasses case, and my lip gloss with room to spare! Needless to say, I ordered another one in a different color and packed Don Quixote (a full-sized book coming up on 950 pages) inside for a trip to the park with equal space and flexibility! 

The Jansport Recycled Waistpack is constructed completely out of recycled materials, features an extensive and adjustable strap (with a loop to tuck loose strap in), a front pocket, and a lifetime warranty. In celebration of the end of the season, the Recycled Waistpack is currently on sale for $24.50 (originally priced at $35).

2. MUJI Smooth Gel Ink Knock Type Ballpoint Pens 0.5MM 

It’s the Holy Grail of annotation pens! Coming in hot at $1.90 a pop (eligible for various bundle deals), Muji’s Smooth Gel Ink Knock Type Ballpoint Pens add a colorful flare to annotating. Perfect for note taking, book destroying, breathtaking chapter heading artistic pieces, and book letters to your future self, future lovers, and future readers, these gel pens will do the job and then some! No bleeding onto other pages, no smears, no mess. Just pens and vibes available in 19 colors! 

3. The Burrito Blanket

Not to be forgotten as an Instagram trend lost to the void of 2020, the Burrito Blanket is a perfectly necessary addition to your reading experience. Whether it be getting comfy on the couch or packing for a reading date at the park, the Burrito Blanket is crucial to creating the comfiest environment for your designated reading time. It even comes in JUMBO!  

4. Mattress Firm 50 Series Adjustable Base 

Last but not least, and totally unexpected, the Mattress Firm 50 Series Adjustable Base! A bed frame that adjusts up and down, via remote control, allowing you to lay either flat (for sleeping) or at a variety of angles, including 90 degrees! With the Adjustable Base, you can avoid the temptation of sleeping by adjusting your bed frame upward to support your back while you read (or watch TV). The Adjustable Base is available for twin beds all the way up to a California King.

Perfect last-minute gifts, anyone?


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