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A Couple of Books that Disappointed and Delighted Us

Not every book is a slam dunk, but we’re going to discuss them anyways. However, when a book is good, it’s really good. In this two-part episode, you’ll hear Jordy, Mariquita, and Nox discuss a book that wasn’t quite their cup of tea as well as a glowing review from Renee of a recent release. 

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Do Your Worst by Rosie Danan mini book club discussion (01:56)

First up, Jordy, Mariquita, and Nox sit down to discuss the romance (with a sprinkling of fantasy) book, Do Your Worst by Rosie Danan. This conversation dives into the believability of the romance between the two main characters, can our protagonist really smell a curse, and what’s with curse-breaking sex? 

Review: Say Hello to My Little Friend by Jennine Capó Crucet (19:38)

Then listen in as Renee shares her thoughts on a recently released book that’s not getting nearly the attention it deserves. Say Hello to My Little Friend is (hilariously and accurately) described as Moby Dick meets Scarface. Renee shares why she loved it, how it’s feminist, and a hyper-specific niche it fits into.

Books mentioned in this episode:

Do Your Worst by Rosie Danan

The Roommate by Rosie Danan

Raiders of the Lost Heart by Jo Segura 

Say Hello to My Little Friend by Jennine Capó Crucet

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt

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This episode was edited and produced by Renee Powers on the ancestral land of the Dakota people.

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