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Black Crossword Puzzles for the Diaspora + Empathy and Advocacy with Gen Z with Aparna Parthasarathy

Join us for a special episode featuring two thought-provoking segments on representation and advocacy.

In the first segment, Alana speaks with Juliana Pache, social media director, jewelry entrepreneur, and creator of Black Crosswords for the Diaspora. Juliana shares the story behind the creation of Black Crosswords, highlighting the importance of representation in overlooked spaces and the power of community building.

In the second segment, Ashley interviews Aparna Parthasarathy, a rising high school senior and advocate for human rights. Aparna shares her perspectives on a wide range of feminist topics, including women’s experiences impacted by colonialism and globalization, how to address women’s issues, and what Gen Z offers to the feminist movement.

Tune in to gain insight into the power of representation and advocacy in today’s society, and to hear from two inspiring individuals who are making a difference in their own unique ways.

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This episode was edited by Niba and produced by Renee Powers on the ancestral land of the Dakota people.

Original music by @iam.onyxrose

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