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Author Interview: Lisa Wingate

Lisa Wingate, New York Times bestselling author, tuned in with Feminist Book Club to tell us a little more about her career, projects and life as a writer. From a young age, Lisa was encouraged to pursue writing by a supportive teacher. This acted as a catalyst that eventually lead Lisa to pursue being an author. Since then, Lisa has had an illustrious career that has included authoring over 30 books. Her bestselling book, Before We Were Yours, was her breakthrough novel that outlined the devastating story of the Tennessee Children’s Home Society scandal. Through all of her projects, including her latest novel, The Books of Lost Friends, a #1 New York Times Bestseller, she continually writes beautiful stories that never fails to capture a reader’s attention. Her most recent work, a feature in Stories from Suffragette City, is a collection of fictitious short stories about the 1915 Women’s March.

In this hour long interview, Lisa discusses how she began her career, how she got started as a writer, insight on her current projects such as Before We Were Yours and Stories from Suffragette City, and more. Check out the interview and learn more about Lisa Wingate at



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