How to Celebrate Women’s History Month Every Day: An Open Letter

Dear Women,

As we reflect on Women’s History Month and what that means for us, let us not forget that yes, men are misogynistic, but so are women. As hard as it is to accept, a lot of women-bashing comes from other women, especially within families. Before you post that next inspirational girl boss quote or tag the 7 most influential women in your life, please consider the following:

Stop excluding Indigenous, Black and brown women from the history you choose to highlight

Stop telling women what they should and shouldn’t do with their bodies

Stop referring to women as the gender you think they are  

Stop telling women how they should parent their children

Normalize saying “people with periods

Stop holding other women to your own personal standards

Stop telling women they are not feminine enough

Stop silently judging other women

Stop making girls feel uncomfortable in their bodies

Normalize holding space more often for the women and girls in your life

Stop holding out on extending or sharing opportunities with other women

Stop shutting out girls from conversations— they are future women

Stop shaming women

Stop ignoring women in favor of white men

Normalize supporting women when it’s not convenient for you. 

With love,

A Tired Woman™

Nina Garcia is a reader, reviewer, and devoted coffee drinker from Texas. When she’s not reading or watching Netflix, she is working on writing projects, including a middle grade novel. Favorite genres: anti-racist and intersectional feminist non-fiction, science fiction, horror, and contemporary with elements of fantasy.

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