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CEO & Founder

Renee M. Powers


Renee M. Powers is lifelong Midwesterner, an Aries, an ISFJ, a 3 on the enneagram, and a former theatre kid. Honestly, that’s a pretty good overview of what she’s like. She’s been obsessed with feminist theory and feminist literature since her first Women’s Studies class in 2005.

She graduated from Saint Mary’s College (Notre Dame, IN) with a degree in Women’s Studies in 2008 at the height of a recession. Young, scrappy, and hungry, she began a career in politics and held positions with a number of members of Congress and a U.S. Senator. Burning out after just a couple years, she went back to school with aspirations to be an academic. Renee earned her M.A. in Communication from Northern Illinois University and spent six years in a Ph.D. program at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Entrepreneurship has always gnawed at her so in 2018 she took the leap and bought this URL.

Feminist Book Club is inspired by Renee’s penchant for being an early adopter of subscription boxes, podcasts, and online communities. She combined these interests with her love of reading, her passion for toppling the kyriarchy, and the desire to lead a team of people much smarter than her. Now Feminist Book Club is the premier online hub for intersectional readers around the world.

Renee loves memoirs, airports, iced coffee, bold lipstick, and Lady Gaga. When not working on Feminist Book Club, she can be found trying new breweries and coffee shops, cheering on Notre Dame women’s basketball, playing Pokémon Go, or trying and failing to teach her retired racing greyhound how to fetch. Or reading. Obviously.

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Need a host for your event?

Renee is available to book for your next book tour stop, book launch, or literary event! She’s skilled at interviewing authors, moderating panels, and emceeing special events. Please get in touch if you are interested – renee[at]feministbookclub.com


Blog Editor-in-Chief

Natalia Santana-Pollard

Natalia Santana-Pollard never thought she’d be a writer of anything besides Twitter threads, much less the Editor in Chief of the Feminist Book Club blog, but life has a funny way of making people take the roads they never expected to traveled. In her day-to-day life she contains multitudes; a student of Public Administration and Emergency Management (#GoKnights), a newly minted federal employee, and a gun violence prevention volunteer. 

Passionate about the way that education shapes responses people have to a variety of things, Natalia is intensely curious and is always learning more about, well, everything because you never know what might be useful later on. This personality trait manifests itself in being an excellent trivia night partner, and also in trying to find innovative ways to connect disparate ideas and making it work.

A fan of reading and the written word, she reads voraciously and is often found up far too late into the early morning hours…even when she has a paper due and probably should be reading her textbooks. She also spends time with her children playing Mario Kart (Rainbow Road forever), with her husband trying all the food, or with her dog Lyla cuddling on the couch while embroidering anything. 

Find Natalia: Twitter // Goodreads // Instagram

Podcast Editor

Phalin Oliver

bio and photo coming soon!


FBC Blog Contributors

Claudia Neu

Minnesotan. Find her hand-lettering her favorite book titles on Instagram. When not watching Criminal Minds or Little Fires Everywhere, she’s napping. In a different life, she was a cat. Because naps. Fun fact: Living in Copenhagen as a child inspired her to be a teacher.
Instagram // Goodreads



Rashmila Maiti

Oregonian. Likely sipping a Thai tea and watching Friends. Loves to cook and cuddle her dog. Would probably handwrite you a letter if you asked nicely. In a different life, she was an owl. Fun fact: Her dissertation was on adaptations in the Hindi film industry.
Instagram // Goodreads // Twitter // Podcast



Steph Auteri

New Jerseyite. Published author. Yogi. Ukelele player. Currently craving clams oreganata. Has seen Fame too many times. Would like to discuss Derry Girls with you. In a different life, she was a cat. Fun fact: She used to be an on-call funeral singer.
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Alex Rosa

Californian. Published author. Loves hiking and camping. Probably drinking coffee and listening to The Killers.  In a different life she was a fennec fox. Fun fact: She was a coroner for a brief time when she thought she wanted to get into emergency medicine.
Instagram // Goodreads // Twitter

FBC Interns

Lucy Pabst, summer 2019 intern

The inimitable Lucy joins us for the Summer 2019 term. Lucy is a journalism student with a leadership minor at the University of Minnesota. She loves her corgi, the great outdoors, and being an unabashed queer woman. The best compliment you could ever give her is that she’s funny.

Favorite book: Blackfish City by Sam Miller
Favorite podcast: And That’s Why We Drink
Favorite band: Panic! At the Disco
If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Baked potato with Frank’s buffalo sauce and garlic salt.

Find Lucy on Twitter @lucygraceeee.

Maraya King, spring 2019 intern

We’re thrilled to have Maraya on the team for the Spring 2019 term. Maraya is a junior at the University of Minnesota where she studies journalism and art. Originally from South Dakota, she works tirelessly behind the scenes on the Feminist Book Club podcast, social media, and in-person events. When not in class or lending her Gen Z wisdom, she reads, paints, and avoids the gym at all costs.

Favorite book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo
Favorite TV show: That 70s Show
Favorite candy bar: Reese’s
“How do you take your coffee?” “Through an IV.”

Find Maraya on Instagram @marayaking or Twitter @notMaraya.

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