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Book Review: A Merry Little Meet Cute by Julie Murphy and Sierra Simone

A Merry Little Meet Cute book review

A Merry Little Meet Cute? More like a Merry Little Steam Session.

My TBR (to be read) is filled with books of which I am only half aware of their premise. These books have been recommended to me by friends, or I’ve seen that an author I like has come out with a new book, so I grab it, or I see a pretty cover and I just have to have it. It’s no surprise that A Merry Little Meet Cute, written by authors Julie Murphy and Sierra Simone, was a quick addition to my holiday TBR. I loved If the Shoe Fits by Julie Murphy, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book. (Side note: If the Shoe Fits is the first in the A Meant to Be Novel series. The second is By the Book by Jasmine Guillory and you can read the book review here.)  

Since I had read one of Murphy’s previous books, I was prepared for all the cuteness in this holiday romance. But I was also pleasantly surprised by how jam-packed the book was with spice sessions that seemed to take place in nearly every chapter.

What is the premise of A Merry Little Meet Cute?

The production for Duke the Halls, a holiday movie produced by the squeaky-clean, wholesome Hope Chanel, is underway. The movie stars Bee Hobbes (aka Bianca von Honey, aka one of the hottest porn stars, a secret identity unknown to Hope Chanel) and Nolan Shaw (former boy band member). One is trying to make it as an actress in another movie genre (in addition to being a porn star… on the down low) and the other is trying to clean up his image and reputation. Sparks fly and the chemistry sizzles as Duke the Halls is filmed. But both leads need to make sure this movie is a success.

In order to ensure that this movie is successful, Bee must keep her other job hidden from Hope Chanel, and she and Nolan must resist the temptation of each other.

Why did I love this book?

Murphy and Simone put so much detail and thought into the characters they wrote, and reading about them felt like I was getting the juicy run-down of events from a friend on set. Some of the dynamics and banter felt forced, but this nevertheless remained a fun ride.

I also enjoyed the setting — Christmas Notch, Vermont — and wish I could go visit. There’s the Edelweiss Inn (on Tinsel Lane), Frosty’s Diner, Mistletoe Theater, the Toy Shop, and the Dirty Snowball (both on Holly Grove). I’m pretty sure this town is where all our holiday wishes would come true (minus two sleazy scumbags — read the book).

I’m a sucker for any cheesy, holiday romance read, and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. If you’re a fan of steamy romances (especially those set around the holidays), you wish your Hallmark movies had a little more steam, and you’re looking to add a book to your TBR, this one is for you!

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