8 Black Creators You Should be Supporting

Finding new accounts to love and support is always exciting, especially when you connect with the creator’s content and personality. Luckily for you, I personally follow amazing people, and have crafted a roundup of must-follow members of the online book community. These bookish creators have more than one platform, and are constantly churning out unique content to engage with and appreciate. 

Fair warning: nothing that I say here is enough to fully showcase the amazing things these creatives bring to the internet. You’ll have to check them out for yourself! Keep reading to learn a little more about their platforms, and for all their links. Remember to support Black women, pay Black women, and protect Black women everyday, 365 (and in the words of @smileitsjoy), 366 when it’s a leap year.

ASHLEY (@bookishrealm)

Ashley is a reader, librarian, and booktuber who reads A LOT. Like, a lot. And very diversely. Not just in terms of author identity, but in genre and format. She reads YA, non-fiction, romances, graphic novels, manga, children’s books, you name it. Her monthly wrap-ups, complete with detailed statistics, are everything my nerdy heart desires. She brings the perspective of a librarian and the heart of a book lover to all the content she produces, and it shows. 

She frequently hosts lives on YouTube where she dives into extensive discussions with subscribers and other youtubers, and reads with the community. 

Ashley’s linksInstagram  I Youtube

COCO (@coco_chasing_adventures)

Coco’s bookstagram feed is an entire VIBE. Every time I come across a new post, it’s like an invitation to slow down and just relax with a book. Her feed is a celebration of beauty and life, but also a motivator and a source of inspiration.  

She crafts a newsletter that is bookish and lifestyle centric, where she shares upcoming releases, book reviews, recipes, and more. You can find more information about her Chasing Adventures Book Club on her website, which is “for womxn who are Chasing Adventures in books to Read and Find Peace!”

Coco’s linksInstagram I Website

CREE (@creemyles)

Cree is a literary activist who reads and recommends amazing books. She is known in the book community for her infectious love of books and music, which come together perfectly in her signature Word of the Week videos, in which she pairs a new word to learn with a catchy tune, always with a carefully chosen look and dance.  

Cree fosters community through her weekly D.E.A.R. Time lives, where she opens with a laid-back chat with viewers, and then reads with them. I’ve been to a few of these and highly recommend going!

Cree’s links:   InstagramYoutube I Patreon  

JEANELL (@jeanellnicolereads)

Jeanell’s Instagram feed screams PASSION. As a reader, educator, and bookseller, she crafts her posts with an eye for the good in all books, and for the good in the everyday. She is bold, and never turns away from calling out racism or misogyny in people or institutions. Jeanell is hilarious, and incredibly friendly. 

One of the biggest goals of her online and physical pop-up bookshop, Free as a Bird Books, is to uplift marginalized voices. You can find that link below to follow and support!

Jeanell’s links: Instagram I Free as a Bird Books I Free as a Bird Books Instagram

JOY (@smileitsjoy)

Joy is a reader, scholar, and advocate whose Instagram posts feature books, academia, and all things in between, including politics and disability advocacy. Her reviews are deeply insightful, beautifully written, and reflective of a mind that truly knows itself. Absolutely powerful. 

Her podcast, Morning Joy, is a space where she features guests “to discuss education, mental health, and the music we use to cope with this crazy world.”

Joy’s links:   Instagram  I  Podcast

KEAVA (@book_geek87)

Keava is a creative, reader, and booktuber who manages multiple facets of expression across different platforms. She enjoys talking about movies as much as she talks about books, which she does on both Instagram and in her videos, with hilarity and wit. Keava also runs an Etsy shop, Key Key Kreations, that features handcrafted pieces. Her creative well is seemingly bottomless. 

Keava’s latest endeavor is a book blog that showcases her writing, linked below for your perusal.

Keava’s links:   Instagram  I Youtube  I Book BlogCraft Shop

MINA (@mina_reads)

As a reader and booktuber, Mina is frequently creating content that focuses on the books she reads and her thoughts on them. Her commentary is a unique blend of critical insight and humor that you don’t come across very often. Mina’s taste in books is excellent, as she seeks out books that celebrate BIPOC and LGBTQ+ representation. 

Mina’s reading vlogs are so fun to watch, and leave me motivated to read every time. They’re a must-watch when visiting her channel!

Mina’s links:   Instagram  I Youtube

NOKUKHANYA (@pretty_x_bookish)

Nokukhanya’s Instagram feed is an explosion of color, beautiful books, and amazing makeup looks. Her personality especially shines through in her Youtube videos, where she makes book recommendations and films cozy reading vlogs. 

Her reading extends over a wide range; you can expect to find as many reviews of fantasy novels as you would hard-hitting non-fiction titles. With Nokukhanya’s work, it’s definitely a “follow for the vibes, stay for the content” type of thing!

Nokukhanya’s linksInstagram I Youtube

Nina Garcia is a reader, reviewer, and devoted coffee drinker from Texas. When she’s not reading or watching Netflix, she is working on writing projects, including a middle grade novel. Favorite genres: anti-racist and intersectional feminist non-fiction, science fiction, horror, and contemporary with elements of fantasy.


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