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7 Interviews with Black Authors to Listen to Right Now


“Especially with racial pain in America, people ask you for your story so they can tell you they don’t believe it.” – Mira Jacob, episode 34


Feminist Book Club is committed to amplifying the voices of feminist authors, and debut authors of color more specifically. In lieu of a new interview this week, we’ve collected some of our favorite interviews with Black authors, showcasing a wide variety of stories, genres, and writing styles. Listen from this page or go back to the episode in your favorite podcast app!

This post should serve as a reminder that, while it’s wonderful to be reading explicitly anti-racists books like Me and White Supremacy or How to Be An Anti-Racist, we need to be reading diversely as possible in all our favorite genres.

Erin Tillman, author of The Consent Guidebook

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Nastashia Minto, author of Naked

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Sarah Cooper, author of How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings

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Naima Coster, author of Halsey Street

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Khristi Lauren Adams, author of Parable of the Brown Girl

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Jeni McFarland, author of The House of Deep Water

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Lisa Braxton, author of The Talking Drum

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