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11 Podcasts for Romance Readers

Lovers of romance novels (or readers considering giving them a try), have you ever listened to a romance podcast? If not, it’s time to start! Check out this list of perfect romance podcasts to start with that are hilarious, insightful, and serve up (and celebrate) empowerment of the genre.

1. Not Your Mom’s Romance Club

This hilarious podcast hosted by a mother/daughter duo dive into all things romance, making it fun, swoony and hilariously awkward 

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2. The Wicked Wallflowers Club


Hosted by two romance writers, you’ll enjoy author interviews and deep dives into new romance releases, along with the host’s feminist take as they celebrate sex positivity and empowerment.

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3. LITerally Us Podcast


Listen to two book loving friends have a great time talk all things romance books, what’s trending in the romance community, pop culture, and so much more.

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4. Tea & Strumpets – A Regency Romance Review

A podcast dedicated to all things historical romance, you’ll love these steamy (and sometimes tepid) discussions related to the Regency Romance genre.

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5. Book Babes and Bubbles


Hosted by a book lover and a romance writer who are also long time friends to give hilarious deep dives into romance reads, new releases, pop culture and memes while also pairing each episode with a boozy beverages.

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6. Bodice Tipplers

A hilarious podcast where they read old romance novels you’d steal from your grandmother’s nightstand and then review the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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7. Novel Life

This podcast serves up wonderfully bitesize episodes filled with awesome romance book recommendations, and a great way to keep up with tropes, book releases, and so much more.

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8. What to Read Next

A podcast that updates pretty much daily featuring romance authors and romance book lovers in conversation about books, writing styles, and of course, what to read next.

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9. Whoa!mance: Romance, Feminism and Muff diving

This weekly podcast all about romance novels serves up the sexiest (and weirdest) parts of romance novels and also gives a feminist perspective while sipping wine.

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10. Smart Podcast, Trashy Books

This book blogger turned podcast host releases an episode every Friday talking with authors, readers, reviewers, publishers, editors, and more! You’ll love all the diverse topics this podcast serves up.

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11. Boobies and Noobies

For hilarious commentary on romance novel reviews and a host that asks novice romance readers to think outside the (dick in a) box, you’ll adore this pod for all the laughter and great book recommendations to add to your to-be-read pile.

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Honorable Mention:

Lesbian Audio Fiction


While not discussing romance novels directly, but instead serial storytelling. If you’re looking for the lesbian romance story podcast of your dreams, this might be it! This immersive podcast serves up a story in parts via podcast episodes will make you smile and blush, hopefully.

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