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Special Edition Box: SUMMER LOVIN’ (pre-order)


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You’ll find Feminist Book Club’s special edition boxes at the beginning of every season. These boxes don’t require a subscription, feature books we’ve never carried, and are in limited supply.

Let’s queer things up a little this summer, shall we? Whether nursing a heartbreak, happily single, or joyfully partnered, these romance novels are sure to fill you with laughs, warmth, and hope. (Hey, they might even defrost a cold heart or two.) And because we love seeing diversity in romance, we’re especially excited about the books we’ve curated for this special edition box!

What’s inside:

  1. Looking for Love in All the Haunted Places by Claire Kann: A supernatural romance that adds sweetness and representation to the traditional haunted house story. In it, Ace, Black heroine Lucky Hart falls in love unexpectedly with a sexy, single dad on the set of a paranormal investigation show.
  2. Cash Delgado Is Living the Dream by Tehlor Kay Mejia: Chase is a small-town bartender juggling motherhood and a sexual awakening in this queer friends-to-lovers romance. As Cash embarks on a reluctant journey of self-discovery, she’s forced to confront all the ways she’s been hiding in her own life.
  3. Triple Sec by TJ Alexander: This sizzling polyamorous rom-com is set in the world of high-end cocktail bars in New York City and follows Mel, a jaded bartender who’s convinced love doesn’t exist… until she’s wooed by a charmingly quirky couple.
  4. Greeting card from Lady Pilot Letterpress: We love this woman-owned business known for snarky wit, deep feelings, and old school printing. Send a love note to your bestie, your partner, or yourself with a message like, “You’re the best thing I ever found on the internet,” and “I love you! You stupid bitch!”
  5. Bonus goodies: bookmarks, stickers, and/or patches thrown in cuz we love you 😉

There’s just something about the romance genre, you know? Between the comforting tropes and guaranteed happily ever after, we love how it can lift us out of a dark spot or make a nice day brighter.

Romance has never been more feminist or more inclusive, and these books showcase that so well. Remember, this limited edition box won’t last long, so order your Summer Lovin’ Box today!

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