Sapphic Mermaid Scratch Pad


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From our Girlhood March 2022 Box! Scratch pads with a drawing by 7 year old Bee!

Here’s what Bee has to say:

“My name is Bee, I’m 7 years old, and I live near Atlanta. I like visiting my lola (that’s “grandma” in Tagalog), eating, doing taekwondo, watching My Little Pony, hugging and reading with my mommy, and painting and drawing with my daddy. I drew two mermaids in love — so they got married. They’re out of the ocean flying because their tails are secretly magical!⁠”

Customer Reviews

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Love Is Love Mermaids!

I'm biased because my daughter drew the picture haha but I was so happy to see what she chose to draw when I told her about FBC. She's a precious being who is so proud to be in this shop!

Cindy C.
Love Feminist Book Club!

I think this scratch pad is super cute!


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