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Podcast Shownotes

[99] Bianca Herzog, bookstagrammer at @mybookworldtour

 “We need to be mindful about this concept of books teaching you something, especially books from different cultures. You can never summarize a whole country, culture, or reality from just one point of view.” – Bianca Herzog Bianca Liu Herzog is the creator of @mybookworldtour, the Instagram account dedicated to her journey in reading …

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Podcast Shownotes

[97] Alexis Henderson, author of The Year of the Witching

“Anxieties about the world are driving people to horror fiction because they can feel the fear that they would’ve been feeling anyways but they know that these things at least can’t become real.” – Alexis Henderson Alexis Henderson is a speculative fiction writer with a penchant for dark fantasy, witchcraft, and cosmic horror. She grew …

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August 2020 Book Reviews

An informal solo series reviewing everything FBC founder Renee reads each month. Listen to this podcast using the player above! Mentioned in this episode: Pizza Girl by Jean Kyoung Frazier Genres: Contemporary literary fiction Read if you like: unusual pizza toppings, protagonists with complicated relationships, witnessing people make questionable choices like drinking while pregnant. Also …

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Podcast Shownotes

[94] Rachel Louise Snyder, author of No Visible Bruises

“Domestic violence is the entrée into the world in which men’s violence controls women’s movement and bodies and lives.” – Rachel Louise Snyder Rachel Louise Snyder is an American journalist, writer, and professor. She is a 2020 Guggenheim Fellow and regular contributor to The New Yorker covering domestic violence, and her work has appeared in …

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