Ashley Paul is a hopeless wanderer, baker, runner, and photographer. She is passionate about supporting high school juniors and seniors to write compelling stories for their post-secondary careers. Her favorite genres are young adult, literary fiction, and memoir.
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We (Still) Support Black-Owned Bookstores

There are maps. Then there are maps of Black-owned bookstores across America; mighty yet sparse anchors of literature. Supporting small businesses is crucial. I may be preaching to the choir. Supporting Black businesses commits to the stories of Black authors from further diverse backgrounds, along with the owners who are passionate about storytelling as an …

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Joy To Your World

One of my favorite pastimes was perusing the bookshelves and magazine stands at Borders. When I felt fancy, and my bank account would not look at me sideways, I ordered a Cocoa Trio from Seattle’s Best. Being surrounded by books and magazines comforted me more than I could ever know.  The holidays for many can …

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Kamala Harris & the Power of One’s Name

Kamala Devi Harris. A Black, Jamaican, and Indian American woman. Born and bred in Oakland, CA. Her laugh bountifully replenishes the earth. She has astounding conviction and pioneering strength in politics, attributed to Black women before her including former congresswoman Shirley Chisholm and Charlotta Bass, who was the first Black woman to run for Vice …

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