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New in 2023 – quarterly boxes! You’ll find Feminist Book Club’s special edition boxes at the beginning of every season. These boxes don’t require a subscription, feature books we’ve never carried, and are in limited supply.

Unveil the mysteries of the changing seasons with our handpicked selection of captivating fall thrillers. Delve into the realms of suspense, intrigue, and empowerment as you explore the chilling narratives of three of our favorite thriller authors: Angie Kim, Halley Sutton, and Andrea Bartz. The Feminist Book Club proudly presents a carefully curated trio of heart-pounding tales, thoughtfully bundled together to transport you into a world of spine-tingling excitement.

What’s inside:

  1. Happiness Falls by Angie Kim: Unravel the secrets hidden behind the seemingly idyllic facade of a small town in Virginia. Angie Kim, the critically acclaimed author of Miracle Creek, skillfully weaves a haunting tale of betrayal, ambition, and the dark underbelly of human nature. As autumn leaves fall, dive into a gripping narrative that confronts societal expectations and the consequences of unfulfilled desires. Check out Angie on our podcast!
  2. The Hurricane Blonde by Halley Sutton: Step into the neon-soaked streets of Los Angeles with Halley Sutton’s electrifying sophomore novel. Follow the enigmatic and alluring woman known as “The Hurricane Blonde” as she navigates a world of crime, vengeance, and redemption. Unafraid to challenge norms and expectations, this noir-inspired thriller is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, uncovering truths that will leave you breathless. Check out Halley on our podcast!
  3. The Spare Room by Andrea Bartz: Embrace the art of psychological suspense with Andrea Bartz’s masterful storytelling. In The Spare Room, discover the sinister depths of friendship and the shocking revelations that emerge when a woman’s life intertwines with her roommate’s dark past. As the temperature drops, prepare to be enthralled by a chilling exploration of trust, deception, and female resilience. Check out Andrea on our podcast!
  4. Social Justice Fall Shit Feminist Tote Bag from Indigo Maiden: Radical gifts for your favorite snarky people, based in Columbus, OH.

Each of these gripping novels is infused with the spirit of feminism, empowering women to confront the darkest corners of their existence, challenge societal norms, and triumph over adversity. This exclusive Fall Thriller Box from Feminist Book Club is a celebration of literature that captivates and chills, a perfect treat for bookworms who seek suspense and solidarity in the turning of the seasons.

Unbox the magic of autumn and immerse yourself in these heart-pounding narratives. Share the gift of knowledge and empowerment with fellow readers, or indulge yourself in the captivating world of feminist thrillers. But remember, this Limited Edition Fall Thriller Box won’t last long, so seize the opportunity to experience the thrill of the season today!

**This box is available for pre-order beginning August 1. Shipping will begin September 1, 2o23.**
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Love thrillers but just aren’t in the place to pre-order a box? Come hang out with us on August 27th for a panel discussion with Angie Kim, Andrea Bartz, and Halley Sutton.

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Special Edition Box FTW!

I am so stoked that special edition boxes are a thing now. There were three themed books, one of which was a surprise signed first edition… I mean, could the first special edition box get any cooler than that?! Yes, yes it could, because it came with other themed goodies too. FEMINIST BOOK CLUB, YOU ARE THE GEMMIEST OF GEMS 💎✨


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