September 2019 box

September 2019 box


Did you think you missed your chance to sign up for the September box?
We got you, boo! No subscription necessary! And did we mention that shipping is free in the United States? Hey-o!

Let us treat you to the best in  feminist self-care. This box and book have already received rave reviews from members. Everything that's included:

  • Unladylike tote bag
  • Lollidale sock card
  • CaribBrew coffee
  • Fabulously Feminist sticker

    Plus our incredible book of the month, Unladylike: A Field Guide to Smashing the Patriarchy and Claiming Your Space by Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin:

A funny, fact-driven, and comprehensive illustrated field guide to feminist living from the inside out by the former hosts of the hugely popular podcast Stuff Mom Never Told You and the forthcoming podcast Unladylike.

Combining the feminist issues slant of Lean In and Bad Feminist with the humor and relatability of Why Not Me? and Adulting, Unladylike is a "social justice self-help" guide to how to be a feminist--and an informed, strong woman--in today's world. Unladylike explains the history and larger political context of the issues that face women in our patriarchal culture--such as the wage gap, white vs. intersectional feminism, gendered beauty standards, body image, and rape culture--and offers prescriptive, practical advice for how to handle the personal implications of being a feminist today. Drawing upon examples from herstory and the best of contemporary feminist theory, Unladylike provides guidance for how to live a woke, feminist life, and addresses the feminist questions women grapple with in their daily lives--How can I live my politics? How should I handle dating and sex? How do I support and not compete with my female friends? Are these high heels feminist? Should I change my name if I get married? How do I deal with money? How can I get over my imposter syndrome? Unladylike answers all of these questions and more, empowering women and readying the world for a female future.

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