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As Audre Lorde tells us in A Burst of Light, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare.” At Feminist Book Club, self-care isn’t a bath bomb and a manicure. For our radical spirits, self-care is community care and community care is self-care. While we can’t purchase our way to empowerment, we’ve put together some tools to remind you to prioritize your rest and well-being.


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This bundle also includes:
  • Journal of Radical Permission by Sonya Renee Taylor and adrienne maree brown, a guided journal to connect with yourself (listen to our podcast interview with Sonya here!)
  • Coordinating pen set from Talking Out of Turn, a colorful stationery and gift shop in Dallas, Texas
  • hand salve to keep you moisturized during this dry season. From Benevolence Farms, a North Carolina organization dedicated to helping formerly incarcerated women transition back into their communities
  • 16 oz snarky tumbler to remind you to drink your water. It reads “I’m Doing a Juice Cleanse Except Instead of Juice It’s Righteous Fury and the Thing I’m Giving Up Is Subjugation to Male Dominated Power Structures” and is from GetBullish, one of our fave small businesses in Brooklyn
  • “You are more than enough” sticker from Pineapple Sundays, a Black-owned stationery shop from Chicago

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