Pyramid Schemes are Illegal


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If you’ve ever gotten an emoji-laden Facebook message from an old high school “friend,” it likely starts with “hey hun!” and she probably wants you to buy her essential oils/leggings/shakes/makeup/etc. Don’t worry, her multi-level marketing job is definitely not a pyramid scheme because “pyramid schemes are illegal!” The structure is just a triangle with her downline beneath her…. Emily Lynn Paulson was a top earner in one of the more successful MLMs and has spilled it all in her juicy memoir Hey, Hun. If you’re into books about cults, this one will resonate ($26.99)

Instead of skincare from a pyramid scheme, we’ve included a vitamin C glow serum from a woman-owned small business, Shayde Beauty. Our team swears by this stuff and for good reason – it was named a top serum by Allure. ($54)

And just because the world feels like it’s exploding doesn’t mean you can find a little joy in the mess. The handprinted cotton bandana from Kwohtations says “Not everything is terrible” and depicts life’s small pleasures. ($12)

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