Pleasure is a State of Mind


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Self love, pleasure, and embodiment tend to get a little hard when we’re busy focusing on the things happening around you instead of what’s happening on the inside. Slow Pleasure: Explore Your Pleasure Spectrum by Euphemia Russel will help guide you back to yourself. With helpful practices, meditations, and journal prompts you’ll find yourself becoming the more embodied person you’ve dreamed to be. ($19.99)

The best way to start a journal practice is by having the right utensils! With a message like OMG I LOVE YOU, how could you go wrong? This pencil set from Graphic Anthology are No. 2 hexagon pencils with gold ferrules and red erasers and come 6 to a set. ($10)

Why not throw this sticker that says “Love Will Keep Us Alive” from Inviting Affairs Paperie on your journal? ($4)

And just because the world feels like it’s exploding doesn’t mean you can find a little joy in the mess. The handprinted cotton bandana from Kwohtations says “Love as Well as You Can” and depicts figure drawings and a reminder that there is strength in being soft. ($12)

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