Mystery/Thriller Bundle



Especially if you’re in a reading slump, you simply can’t go wrong with a fast-paced mystery or thriller. We’re spotlighting three of our favorites in this bundle and paired them with some of our favorite small businesses.


Choose one of the following books:



This bundle also includes:
  • extra cozy black beanie from Adelita’s Apparel, a California-based undocumented-Latinx owned shop that was created to empower and uplift our community.
  • 100 piece puzzle from Ordinary Habit with art by Shanée Benjamin, a Brooklyn-based artist whose work highlights the intersectionality and various identities the female body takes.
  • holographic Uproot & Sow, Nurture & Grow sticker from Minneapolis artist Katie Blanchard, who swooped in this fall and helped Feminist Book Club prep for a huge event!
  • espresso cups from Pine Cone Ceramics (also great as a pinch pot or ring dish!)

Pine Cone Ceramics Artist statement: The cups are hand built from slabs of clay, meaning they aren’t thrown on the wheel. The hand building process can be a bit more rustic than the wheel, and I wanted to lean on that for the holiday bundles because I love more cozy and seemingly rustic items during winter. Of course these cups can be used for whatever else the recipient wants to use them for; they are microwave safe and top-rack dishwasher safe. – Patricia Chuson



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