Just the Book of the Month

Just the Book of the Month

$20.00 / month

So you wanna join the discussions and receive the book of the month but maybe you've KonMari-ed your home recently and don't want to add too many surprises to the mix. Sweet, that's what this membership is for! Every month, you'll receive just the book of the month - no bells or whistles, just a copy of what we're reading. You'll also get access to our secret discussion group and live video calls to discuss the book at the end of the month.

Did you sign up for this plan but now that you know something amazing will be in an upcoming box, you want in? Good news - you can upgrade and downgrade your plan at any time! Once you've signed up, head to the FBC Members-Only shop to purchase the one-time upgrade.

Get into the FBC loop.

Want to get a heads up on the book of the month before anyone else? Want to be on the VIP list for special offers and deals? Well, get on the list and you’ll be officially in the FBC loop!