Historical Fiction bundle



We curated this one with your favorite auntie or older sister in mind. Sometimes you want to immerse yourself in history but not feel icky about the problematic old white men in it, so we’ve curated a collection of feminist historical fiction that will have you rooting for strong, flawed, complicated women.


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This bundle also includes:
  • 8oz candle from our favorite trans-owned Minneapolis candlemaker Homebody MN. This scent is called Books on the Beach and is an elegant mango & coconut scent to transport you to a tropical vacation when the weather gets cold.
  • extra luxurious neck wrap from Talking Out of Turn, a colorful stationery and gift shop in Dallas, Texas – this product is filled with unscented lentil beans and can be microwaved or frozen for temperature therapy
  • flower tea by Qi Tea, an Asian-owned tea shop from NYC that sources directly from family-owned farms across Asia to curate the highest quality ingredients
  • “Curl Up with a Good Book” holographic sticker from Wildflower + Co., a pair of Brooklyn-based art school grads who burnt out in the fashion industry and created their own creative line of gifts


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