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Someone you love has such a big heart that they want to change the world. And maybe you love them so much you think they have a shot. Support them by sending them a book that will undoubtedly inspire their big dreams. Changemakers for changemakers.



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A note from Alicja Confections:

Alicja Confections started in 2015 as a creative outlet. We use classic techniques of chocolate making, but we don’t leave it there. Every chocolate is a new, weird, interesting, funky, delicious flavour you can’t normally find anywhere else. Alicja Confections best-selling item is the Postcard Chocolate Bar – a chocolate bar you can send in the mail! Each bar is wrapped in beautifully designed packaging and comes in dozens of funky flavours. Just take it to any post office and ship it off for a few dollars, all around the world! It makes such a sweet “thinkin’ of you, boo” gift. White, milk, dark, and single origin. Every piece of chocolate you’ll eat from us has been hand tempered with love and a lot of muscle. We’re recent winners of Silver in the International Chocolate Awards (Canada)!

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A note from Larissa Loden:

Larissa’s jewelry is an exercise in play. With a wide variety of metals, gemstones and materials, she makes fun, minimal jewelry for everyday wear. The Larissa Loden mission is to create quality, handcrafted goods at an affordable price that does good for the community. Each year we give back 5% of profits to Cookie Cart and have donated over $40,000 to causes we care about.


About Shayde Beauty:

Shay’s time working with the world’s most prominent beauty brands taught her a number of things. The most obvious was that melanin-rich skin was being underserved. Even though the beauty industry is a nearly 500 billion dollar market, many of its most commanding brands ignore the needs of deep and dark complexions from formulations to marketing. After a lifetime of acne scars and hyperpigmentation, this added insult to injury for Shay. It confirmed that her years of struggle were actually caused by an industry-wide oversight. In fact, the real problem was that no one was making products for her. SHAYDE BEAUTY was born to serve this market and create skincare made with melanin in mind.


A note from Metal Marvels:

We are an LGBTQ woman-owned brand! I started this brand because I wanted to work for myself. I quickly realized the market was lacking things that appealed to my bold personality and favorite language, profanity. So I rebranded in early 2016, and the rest is history. We want to create and sell items that encourage women to be bold, to stand up for what they believe in, speak up, and be their true selves, all while giving the finger to society’s standards. We’re not for everyone but that is ok! We have found our items sell extremely well due to their quality, the phrases, and the shock and awe of them for some. 10% of every order placed on our website is donated to charity.


A note from Flip ’em the Bird:

Flip ’em the Bird is rooted in a rebellious spirit, providing people who are breaking stereotypes feel like a bad-ass with cleverness, wit, and a dash of curse words. I think everyone needs to tap into their inner badassery. I started this company when I was laid-off, depressed, and trying to figure things out. I could’ve just bought a “hang in there” kitten poster, but I knew I needed a change, a big one. My passion is rooted in motivating others who are overcoming adversity, encouraging people to trample the box society puts them in and embracing who they are.


A note from Homebody MN:

Homebody MN started in October 2020, when my love of candles led to exploring candle making. I learned about how so many candles are full of questionable materials that I wouldn’t want burning in my house. My quest to make clean candles quickly turned into a small business. When setting up Homebody MN I realized I hadn’t seen the phrase “trans-owned business” before. I wanted to change that. Giving is, and will always be, at the core of Homebody MN. No one person or business succeeds in a vacuum, so Homebody MN makes sure to share that success. I’m determined to make candles that you can trust to burn with your loved ones and in your homes. Too many candle companies cut costs by using questionable ingredients. With my candles you can trust that they are always thoughtfully sourced.


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