Contemporary Fiction Bundle


Looking for your next great read? Look no further than the Contemporary Fiction Bundle, where you get to pick your book and have a choice in the products that are curated alongside it. The Contemporary Fiction Bundle includes one book and three products that you choose.

First, pick the book you wish to read! The Contemporary Fiction Bundle gives you the choice of The Other Black Girl or Malibu Rising which are both hot titles of the summer and highly recommended by the FBC team.

Then, you pick one item from each category. In the sustainability category, you choose if you would like to receive Beeswax Wrap from Bee Kitchen OR a Bamboo Scrubber from Brooklyn Made Natural.

In the home category, you choose if you would like a Bee Tea Towel from Liv Lyszyk OR an Island Vibes Candle from Natural Annie Essentials.

Finally, in the food category, you get to make the delicious decision between Watermelon Road Mango Margarita Fruit Jerky OR a Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie from The Empowered Cookie.


*This product is a one-time purchase and does not include membership to Feminist Book Club. Shipping is free in the United States and ships within 3 business days of ordering.