[Wild Cozy Truth 62] Plus Size Style with Industry Expert Amanda Watson

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This episode is brought to you in collaboration with This Fem, an apparel company that believes anyone can be a feminist.
Today’s guest is Amanda Watson, the founder of Style For It, an online consignment boutique for plus-sized women. Amanda is so knowledgable about the fashion industry and I learned so much from her! We cover everything from what makes plus-sizes different from standard sizes, the current state of the plus-size fashion industry, sourcing and forecasting trends, and the sustainability model of consignment shopping. If you love fashion, shopping, or body positivity, you’ll love this conversation.
Connect with Amanda and Style For it on social media: @styleforitinsf on Instagram and facebook.com/styleforit
But before all of that, I have a bittersweet announcement. This will be the final essay of Wild Cozy Truth and the topic could not be more appropriate as it’s all about the lessons in evolution and authenticity. This isn’t a goodbye to my personal writing, but I have felt for a long time that I need to reclaim it for myself. So in the spirit of evolution and allowing ourselves to grow instead of clinging to what no longer serves me, I’m letting that part of my podcast go.
As for the podcast itself, it will be undergoing some significant changes in the near future. I have a handful of interviews that I’ve already recorded which I will be sharing with you over the course of the next month or so. And they’re really, really good so don’t go anywhere. If the interviews are your favorite part as well, I’ve got some incredible stories in the pipeline that you won’t want to miss. After I’ve published those conversations, I’ll be taking a bit of an extended break away from the mic and relaunching the podcast under a new title in January. I could not be more excited about this rebrand and relaunch and I think you’re going to be thrilled with what’s in store for this podcast. Once you see it, you’ll probably be like, “Duh why didn’t you do this sooner?” I’m stubborn, okay? That’s why. You won’t need to do anything to subscribe to the new version of the podcast. It will all be done in your current feed so as long as you stay subscribed to Wild Cozy Truth, you’ll still be subscribed to the relaunch. The same goes for the social media. If you’re following Wild Cozy Truth on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll just see a new name when the time comes.
As for the essays, I intend for them all to live on in some way. Perhaps as a book or ebook. I’m exploring a few different avenues but I’ll be sure to keep you posted.
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