[Wild Cozy Truth 59] Travel as a Method of Self-Discovery with Olivia Wickstrom

Olivia Wickstrom - Feminist Book Club


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Great news! To make this podcast more accessible, I will be linking a transcript to each episode in the show notes starting with today’s episode. Special thanks to next week’s guest Elizabeth Knox for the suggestion.
This week’s essay is my ode to Mary Poppins, a character I’ve loved for many years. I explore what makes her so weird and wonderful and why she’s the exact opposite of a Disney princess.
Then I sit down with the founder of Travelhers Collective Olivia Wickstrom. Olivia has had the travel bug since she was 3 years old and has spent time in the UK, Norway, and South Africa to name a few. Together we discuss how travel changes you and the lessons she’s learned from her time abroad. We also talk a bit about how to incorporate the feelings of freedom and awe that we experience while traveling into our day-to-day life in our own towns.
Connect with Olivia:
@travelherscollective on Instagram
Transcript for today’s episode available here.
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