[Wild Cozy Truth 53] Art, Diversity, Islam, and Witchcraft with Maheen Lemon

Maheen Lemon - Feminist Book Club


This episode is brought to you in collaboration with MJ Lemon Apothecary, responsibly sourced skincare engineered by nature.
We’ve got a juicy episode today! I’m chatting with artist, witch, and entrepreneur Maheen Lemon about all the things. We geek out about skincare and her skincare line, which will also be included in the September Feminist Book Club box! We dive into her experience as a woman of color in the art industry and why representation matters, not just as a token but true diversity. Maheen also tells us about her upbringing in a Muslim Pakistani-American household and how she has identified as an apostate since the age of 7 and discovered witchcraft in her teens.
This interview covers a lot of ground but all of the topics are fascinating and I’m so grateful Maheen shared her perspective with us.
Support Maheen, her jewelry, and her skincare line on Instagram:
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