[Wild Cozy Truth 45] Mourning Celebrity Deaths

mourning celebrity deaths - Feminist Book Club


Thank you for your kind words regarding my first solo episode, Grief and Healing Out Loud. I wanted to continue these solocasts once a month, but I worried I wouldn’t be able to match the calibre of that first one. So I start this episode discussing how I’m feeling the fear and doing it anyways.
One thing that’s been on my mind in light of the suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain is the judgment of mourning in parasocial relationships. In media studies, we use this term to describe the non-reciprocal relationship a fan feels to a celebrity. It’s so easy to judge someone who mourns the death of someone they don’t know, but I’m reminded of the deep despair I felt after the Pulse Night Club shooting. I didn’t know those victims but still felt connected to them. It’s a sign of compassion. In this episode, I ride my feelings and share what’s going on for me in the moment, hoping to create space and understanding for your own difficult feelings.
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Renee Powers founded Feminist Book Club in 2018 to provide a space for intersectional feminist to learn, grow, and connect. When not reading or running the biz, you can find her drinking coffee and trying unsuccessfully to teach her retired racing greyhound how to fetch. Favorite genres: memoir, contemporary literary fiction, short stories

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