[Wild Cozy Truth 42] The YouTube Beauty Community, Moving Across the World, and Starting a Family with Sharon Farrell


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This episode begins with an essay that challenges the roadmaps we’ve been conditioned to follow and asks what if? What if I navigated with trust as my guide?
Then I sit down down with digital content creator Sharon Farrell and I fangirled hard. I’ve been following Sharon’s YouTube channel for about six years and always recommend her content to anyone who wants to learn techniques from a great teacher. Sharon is birthing two big things into this world very soon: The Online Makeup School and her first child. We touch on both of these big topics and we also discuss the YouTube beauty community as a whole, how it’s changed, what it’s like to live so much of your life online, and how makeup can be incredibly empowering for women. Sharon bravely shares her experiences as an Irish ex-pat living in Sydney, especially one who is about to start her family so far from family. This incredible woman exudes warmth and generosity and I can’t wait for you to hear this interview.
Learn more about Sharon’s Online Makeup School: theonlinemakeupschool.com
Find Sharon:YouTube Channel Twitter @sharonsmakeup
Instagram @hellosharonfarrell
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Non-US and/or non-white beauty YouTube creators:
Nyma Tang
Jackie Aina
Camila Coelho
Alissa Ashley
Alejandra Avila (Spanish language)
Emily Fox
Federica Piccinini (Italian language)
Shannon Harris
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